We are reaching out to you today to encourage you to consider supporting our street-based outreach plan.

The primary Vision of Pattaya Mission is to enable our Assistant Chaplains better to get out onto the streets, meet people and nourish those who are otherwise spiritually starved.

This means going to places where people informally congregate in our city, which are full of bars, the beach promenade, and ex-pat clubs and meeting venues.

We plan to engage bar and restaurant owners, particularly older folks who look lonely or isolated.

What need have we identified?

Nearly all the geriatrics we have engaged with in our Healthcare Equipment Lending Scheme had three things in common; they were economically penniless, desperately lonely and spiritually starved.

Link: You can read our Case Studies here.

Predictable and Consistent

We can have street-based outreach up and running relatively quickly, but we need to make a plan to ensure we are predictable regarding where we are and how folks can find us if they need us.

Street-based outreach is to become the pastoral backbone of Pattaya Mission.  This will only happen if we are consistent in our efforts.

We also need a range of resources to enable the service.

First we want to:

  • Give people who do not have one an inexpensive/ basic mobile telephone with a few dollars of credit.  {Then we can arrange to meet again and communicate with them if they do not arrive).
  • Buy them coffee, and treat them like the human beings they are.
  • Get them some essential groceries.
  • Offer them a bible for them to keep.

The differences we can make:

Primarily folks engaging in our Ministry will know that they are not alone.

We can provide immediate interventions for those in crisis.

Fulfilling informed, rational needs assessments.

Creating with individuals SMART support plans focussed on their welfare:

  • Housing
  • Health (Physical, Mental and Spiritual)
  • Meaningful Occupation (Training, Education, Volunteering or Work)
  • Talking about faith and church support.

A Multi-disciplinary approach

We know that the difference we make and our work’s impact can be maximised by working with others, referring people to other resources and clubs, or even engaging with the appropriate statutory agencies, including the police, Embassy or consulate etc.

Keeping Safe

All of our outreach plans will be conducted in line with best practice, risk assessed, monitored and supported by our Chaplain in the best interests of the personal safety of our Assistant Chaplains.

How you can help

This kind of support is not expensive, and your assistance can make a huge difference to individuals and the effectiveness of our ministry.