How You Can Help Extend Our Ministry

We are reaching out to you today to encourage you to consider supporting our church planting and street-based outreach plan.

Our vision is split into two phases:

  • Better enable our Assistant Chaplains to get out onto the streets, meet people and nourish those who are otherwise spiritually starved.   This means going to places people informally congregate in our city, those areas which are full of bars, the beach promenade, and ex-pat clubs and meeting venues.  We plan to engage bar and restaurant owners, and most particularly those older folks who look lonely or isolated.
  • To plant churches in communities where the Gospel is not yet widely known or understood, and where people are searching for spiritual truth and meaning. By planting these churches, we aim to create a welcoming community where people can gather to worship and learn about God, and where they can find support and encouragement as they grow in their faith.

Street-based Outreach

We can have street-based outreach up and running relatively quickly, but we need to make a plan to ensure we are predictable in terms of where we are and how folks can find us if they need us.  We also need a range of printed information and resources.

The geriatrics we have engaged with in our Healthcare Equipment Lending Scheme all had two things in common; they were poor and lonely.  We want to be able to give them a basic mobile telephone with a few dollars of credit.  Then we can make arrangements to meet, maybe buy them coffee, treat them like the human beings they are, and maybe buy them some essential groceries.

This kind of support is not expensive, and your assistance can make a huge difference.

Church Planting

Our church planting plan is not just about building physical structures or expanding our organization. It is about bringing hope and light to those who may have lost their way or are searching for something more. It is about sharing the message of God’s love and grace with those who may not have heard it before and creating a safe space where they can explore their faith and deepen their relationship with God.

Your support can make a significant difference in helping us achieve our goals. Your donations will go towards funding the initial stages of our church planting plan, such as securing land or buildings, hiring staff, and purchasing equipment and materials. With your help, we can bring the Gospel’s transformative power to even more people and communities.

We understand that many worthy causes are competing for your attention and support, but we believe that our church planting plan is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on people’s lives. We hope that you will join us in this important mission by donating today. Thank you for your consideration and support.