The Frozen Pension Campaign | A Mission of Empowerment and Justice

In the heart of social activism and with a keen eye for the struggles faced by those with frozen pensions, Pattaya Mission has ignited a movement that resonates with compassion and urgency.

The Frozen Pension Campaign on Facebook is more than just a virtual gathering; it is a thriving community that strives to make tangible change.

What is the Frozen Pension Campaign?

The Frozen Pension Campaign is a concerted effort by Pattaya Mission to draw attention to the challenges faced by individuals with frozen pensions in Thailand.

These individuals find their pensions locked at the rate they first received them, regardless of inflation or changes in living costs. This leads to financial hardship and an often insurmountable burden.

Rev Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell, understanding the gravity of this issue, took to Facebook in 2023 to create a platform where awareness could be raised, stories shared, and solutions sought.

The Purpose and Goals

The campaign’s core objective is to seek fairness and equality for all pension recipients, ensuring that their financial dignity is upheld.

This involves lobbying for changes in legislation, spreading awareness, and offering support to those affected.

The goals are straightforward yet profound:

  • Educate: Inform the public about the issue of frozen pensions, shedding light on the personal struggles behind the statistics.
  • Advocate: Encourage people to take action, whether by signing petitions, writing to legislators, or sharing personal stories.
  • Support: Create a community where those affected by frozen pensions can find empathy, advice, and solidarity.

How to Get Involved

The Frozen Pension Campaign on Facebook is an open platform where everyone is invited to participate.

You can join by simply following the End Frozen Pensions – Asia Facebook Page and Joining the End Frozen Pensions Thailand Branch Facebook Group and engaging with the content.

Share the posts, comment with your thoughts, or connect with community members.

Your voice can make a difference.


Rev Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell’s Frozen Pension Campaign, driven forward with the support of St George’s ‘Pattaya Mission’, is a testament to the power of community, empathy, and determination. It’s not just about pensions; it’s about justice, dignity, and the belief that every individual deserves a fair chance at financial stability in their later years.

In a world where social media often divides, this campaign unites. It offers a platform for change, driven by compassion and guided by a sense of moral duty. Join the movement today, and be part of a cause that resonates with humanity’s core values.

By joining hands with Pattaya Mission and the Frozen Pension Campaign, you are not only standing for a cause but also igniting a flame that can burn away injustice.

Follow, share, advocate, and be the change you wish to see.